version 2.1

The application was completely rewritten for the version 2 series. The updated software now includes the following features…

  • Ability to show and hide the line numbers
  • User can change the font for the text area
  • Preferences are saved when the application closes
  • Our unique “code collapse” function is available
  • Our unique “code beautification” function is available

The following features should be available in our next release…

  • Print Preview
  • Print
  • Padding for the main text area
  • Search functionality
  • Restring pasted input to only text
  • Format text upon paste
  • License that explains the open-source terms


Do you code by hand?

To those of you that use notepad for your css files, we get it. It gives you greater control over your design, doesn’t add bloat code to your stylesheets, and doesn’t add a bunch of features that you never use to the interface.
why use snap{css}?

snap{css} is an extremely light-weight, notepad-like application that allows css designers to easily edit their code in a familiar environment while having quick acccess to helpful features such as our beautify and collapse functions.

The collapse code function

When your code has been revised enough, and you’re ready to slap your files on the internet, any quality web developer should start taking the anticipated user experience into consideration. While broadband internet is sweeping quickly through countries, there are still many, many people that connect to the web through dial-up. For these people, every web page, javascript, and css file adds to their download time.

Enter snap{css}. Simply click on the “collapse” button on the status bar or in the menu, and voila! Extra whitespace is removed, useless line breaks are done away with, and properties are condensed to save space. You might not be able to tell the difference, but some of your visitors may thank you when you take your css document down in size from 20k to 10k.

Screenshot of collapsed code

The beautify code function

So you thought you were done tweaking your code, so you collapsed it, but now you want to add another round of final revisions. Instead of reading through the crammed code, simply click the “beautify” button and your code will expand out into nicely formatted chunks. Your comments will still be there and your properties will be nicely indented for quick scans.

Screenshot of beautified code